60 years of department of design

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of design education at the art academy of latvia, the design department decided to emphasize design as process — a continuous way of working and thinking, as well as comprehensively look at the heritage, knowledge and craftsmanship of the department.

Representing the multi-layered nature of the department, the celebration was organized in a cycle of events, as well as a lasting value — a publication. Six different authors were invited to look at the development of design education, each of them reflecting on one of the decades, emphasizing the most important events both in education and reflecting historical political developments in the country.

The publication is also designed as a reference to the process — it is divided into six chapters — each dedicated to one decade. Besides, each chapter of the book grows in physical size, representing growth and continuous progress of the design department.

The form and graphic solution of the book are inspired by the idea of the initial stage of the creative process — sketchpads, notepads, collages. These things form an archive of each designer's work progress. In the future, it is valuable not only from an historical point of view, but can serve as a powerful source of inspiration.

Project team