Visual mycologists expedition

Mushrooms rule the world!

The fungus is considered to be the largest and oldest living organism on the planet.Often, they are also a source of inspiration for artists. Both their graceful and diverse bodies and the hallucinogenic properties of some mushrooms have encouraged creative people to see more for centuries.

We could not ignore our important peers, so we specifically studied four mushroom varieties.Through creative exercises, training and demonstrating the talents of NORD ID Riga design studio, we created our own design product — playing cards on the theme of mushrooms. Each of the masts has a selected variety of mushrooms — bolete, chanterelle, shaggy mane and amanita.

In all 54 cards it is possible to observe these mushrooms in their daily activities and also in unusual situations, both living their short life in natural conditions in the forest and in meeting their natural enemy — human.

Project team