Inspiring people to develop their inner and outer worlds

SPICE has always been considered as flagship of fashion and lifestyle among other shopping centres.

However, the brand's visual identity and communication had been around for almost a decade and no longer met the set ambitions. It was time for a transformation that would highlight SPICE among other shopping centres with its unique message. In cooperation with NORD DDB Riga, a new brand strategy was created, highlighting the aspiration of SPICE and its target audience to improve themselves both internally and externally, as well as a new slogan “Be who you want to be”.

In line with the brand strategy, we created a visual identity that permeates an intelligently dynamic character, embodying elegance in colours and typefaces, reflecting the ever-changing motion in the compositions.

Both the brand strategy and the principles and rules of the visual language are summarized in a digital brand book created and hosted on the Corebook platform.

Project team